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Completion of the extension of the NGK CERAMICS Poland Plant in Gliwice

Completion of the extension of the NGK CERAMICS Poland Plant in Gliwice

Date of publication: 16.10.2013

By the end of May 2013 has been completed construction of the second NGK CERAMICS Polska Plant in Gliwice. In the new factory will be produced large size honeycerams (LSH) used in diesel engines of large motor vehicles such as trucks and agricultural machinery. According to the initial assumptions the new plant will employ about 200 people.



The new NGK CERAMICS Plant is one of the largest Japanese investment implemented by PROCHEM, together with our strategic customer, the company Takenaka Europe, which was the general contractor for this project and has entrusted to us the design work. It is also a unique investment in terms of the duration of its implementation, which was only 14 months from the date of accession for design work until the completion of construction and assembly work.

Design work began in early April 2012, a building permit was issued in July 2012 and construction was completed and passed to the user, company NGK CERAMICS, at the end of May 2013. Work is currently underway related to equipment the factory with machinery. Start of production is planned for January 2014.

The second factory NGK CERAMICS is an investment with a high degree of complexity, due to the complicated block of three-storey building for production and storage. The property consists of the production and storage sections as well as the of social and office space. The investment also includes supporting facilities, underground infrastructure, roads and parking lots and green areas. The total area of factory building is approximately 24,600 m2 and the plot on which the investment is located, has about nine hectares.

Thanks to proper organization of the design process and good cooperation of project team with a team of Takenaka Europe (both at the stage of the design and during the execution of works) managed to implement an ambitious schedule of investments. Once again, the common undertaking of the two companies which were working together for over 10 years has been a success.