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Operational areas

Comprehensive project services

PROCHEM provides comprehensive engineering services, covering all stages of the investment process, in accordance with individual requirements of our Clients.

At the stage of preparation of the project, using our engineering potential, we assist the investor in the optimisation of the technical concept of the undertaking, the analysis of execution considerations and budgeting. In the design phase, we prepare documentation for all disciplines and obtain the required agreements, approvals and permits. Based on the prepared documentation, we execute the investment project as a general contractor (in the “design-build” formula) or manage contractors on behalf of the investor. We coordinate the construction and installation works, as well as the purchase of machinery and equipment for the purposes of the investment — until the facility is handed over to the investor.

Executing such a wide variety of tasks within a single organisation ensures optimisation of the course of investment project execution and meeting of the Clients’ most demanding expectations in terms of timeliness, costs and quality of the undertaking. PROCHEM may provide comprehensive contracting services for investment projects in various organisational and legal forms, each time agreed with the Client. We have practical experience in the application of cooperation formulas frequently used in the market, including:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • Management Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management (CM)
  • Investment Project Supervision

Depending on the Client’s needs, PROCHEM may perform services relating to selected stages of investment project implementation.

Pre-investment activities

Identifying the investor’s needs is the starting point for the development and further operation of every economic entity.

We offer technical advice both in terms of construction of new facilities and relating to projects involving modernisation and extension of existing facilities. On request, we provide program-and-spatial concepts, expert studies and technical recommendations. Moreover, we prepare a technical variant analysis for potential locations of new investment projects.

PROCHEM specialists are ready to determine the budget of your investment project at an early stage. Its exactness will depend on the level of detail in the provided materials. We conduct feasibility studies both for new investment projects and for the purposes of modernisation and extension projects. Such studies are the basis for making optimal investment decisions.

Multi-discipline design

PROCHEM offers design services in all disciplines and all stages, including the obtaining the relevant required agreements, approvals and permits.

PROCHEM’s experienced, top-caliber engineering staff and modern work tools guarantee quality performance and short completion deadlines. We provide design services in the requested scope from study to workshop drawing, on the basis of either Polish standards or any other norms named by the Client.

The engineering division employs highly qualified professionals in the following specialities:

  • technological process,
  • architecture,
  • structure,
  • mechanical systems (equipment),
  • industrial piping systems,
  • electrical systems,
  • low voltage facilities,
  • cost estimate preparation,
  • instrumentation,
  • roads,
  • heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations,
  • gas systems,
  • water supply, sewer and fire protection installations.

Engineering and design work at PROCHEM is based on the application of licensed processes or the incorporation of the Client’s own processes. PROCHEM also performs evaluations of explosion hazard, expert studies and opinions on building structures, etc. Design work is carried out with the use of specialised computer software and computer-aided designing systems both in 2D and 3D graphics environments.

The use of three-dimensional modelling of buildings (3D) facilitates cooperation between disciplines and prevents possible collisions or errors, which enhances work efficiency and significantly reduces the time of preparing the documentation. Moreover, 3D modelling makes it possible to try out multiple options and analyse the behaviour of structures — already at the stage of the digital model.

At our company, since 2002, we have been using PDMS, a specialized three-dimensional design system, when executing complex designs in all engineering disciplines. It is intended primarily for designing technological systems. In addition to this tool, we have also introduced another 3D modelling program — REVIT. The program implements the assumptions of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept which is applied to develop not only a three-dimensional model of the building, but also a database enabling its effective operation. Sustainable design and construction is another area in which PROCHEM uses its long-standing experience in design and engineering. Our professionals apply innovative technical and organisational solutions required to obtain LEED or BREEAM certification — both for office buildings and commercial and industrial facilities.

Project execution

An important reason why many Clients choose PROCHEM is our organisational ability to combine all the elements of the investment process.

We provide comprehensive services in respect of investment projects, from the design and engineering works to the delivery of turnkey facilities to the investor. Acting in a variety of formulas (General Contracting, Management Contracting, EPC), we conclude contracts directly with qualified subcontractors and suppliers. We also provide a warranty in respect of the finished facility. Owing to the ongoing process of subcontractors and suppliers assessment (in accordance with the procedures of the Integrated Management System) we are able to meet the highest quality requirements of our Clients.

The Investment Project Execution Department is responsible for procurement of supplies and works, as well as construction management. In this department, we employ a professional staff of engineers with many years of experience. After completion of the project, we also offer start-up services.

We have our own team specialized in start-up of industrial systems, ready to conduct or oversee mechanical and technological start-ups. On request, we can also carry out specialised training for personnel both on-site and at the facilities of manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

Project execution management

Using our organisational ability to combine all the elements of the investment process, PROCHEM provides services in the scope of investment project execution management.

We take on the role of a Project Manager (PM) or Construction Manager (CM, EPCM), managing the entire construction process from planning and designing through supervision over the execution to obtaining the permit for use of the finished facility.

We also carry out the duties of a FIDIC Contract Engineer in the case of execution of contracts financed with European Union aid funds.

In terms of investment project execution management, we offer:

  • preparation of the works schedule
  • project budgeting
  • performance of design and engineering works and applying for a building permit (PROCHEM carries out these activities directly or — on behalf of the investor — supervises their execution by other units involved in the project; this service is optional)
  • conducting tender procedures to select a general contractor (Project Management) or tenders to select contractors of works packages (Construction Management)
  • procurement — of machines and equipment (optional service)
  • ongoing coordination and monitoring of works on the construction site
  • exercising Investment Project Supervision (optional service)
  • financial progress monitoring and approving invoices
  • coordination of acceptances and removing defects
  • conducting the procedure of obtaining a permit for use
  • preparation of the final report
  • providing services in the warranty period

Depending on the Client’s needs, PROCHEM may perform services relating to selected stages of investment project implementation.


An important element of the comprehensive management of investment project execution is to effectively organise the process of purchasing equipment, materials and works. At PROCHEM, this is the responsibility of the experienced procurement team. The procurement team is equipped with data bases, verified on an ongoing basis, containing lists of qualified producers of relevant equipment and contractors. Highly competent team is a guarantee of professional execution of the procurement process in accordance with the agreed schedule. The procurement process includes:

  • preliminary selection of suppliers,
  • preparation of technical and commercial offer queries,
  • negotiation and evaluation of bids (recommendation),
  • conclusion of an agreement by PROCHEM or procuring the conclusion of the agreement by the investor,
  • quality inspections, shipment acceptance,
  • transportation and shipping organisation,
  • tracking of the implementation schedule,
  • payment confirmation,
  • admission to the construction site,
  • final settlement.

This service may be performed as part of comprehensive contracting services for investment projects, or as a separate task.


Within the frame of cooperation PROCHEM S.A. offers a package of consulting services.

Consulting services concerning granted loans

  • technical consulting in inspection of granted loans
  • due diligence
  • assessment of the technical condition of an investment
  • valuation of building facilities
  • control over the implementation of investments, costs and scheduling

PROCHEM acting as technical consultant in the scope of incurred costs related to the implemented project offers its services primarily to financial institutions (mainly banks) controlling the disbursement of credits granted for investment purposes. Special type of services provided by PROCHEM are those relating to the investment process control and cost of wind farm projects financed by banks.

Consulting services in the scope of co-financing of projects in environmental protection

PROCHEM has many years of experience in providing consulting services for obtaining EU funds for environmental protection sector projects. Service includes help and advice when, among others:

  • in the development of applications for co-financing,
  • drafting feasibility study of the project and complete application documentation,
  • while performing the necessary analysis when making strategic and financial decisions,
    while preparing the documents until the signing of the co-financing agreement.

Technical consulting services

  • consulting during the preparation of the investor to make an investment decision,
  • analysis and evaluation of the conceptual design and execution of the technical study of new and existing installations,
  • selection, negotiations and selection of licensors
  • preparation, verification, acceptance of base project,
  • performance of a pre-feasibility study and feasibility study for investment.