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Investor relations


PROCHEM, as a joint-stock company, for the first time was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 30 June 1994. It was the first engineering company whose shares were publicly traded.

The share capital of the Company now stands at PLN 2,005,000 which represents 2,006,160 votes at the General Meeting of Shareholder and is divided into 2,005,000 shares with a nominal value of PLN 1.00 each.


OFE PZU S.A. „Złota Jesień”




Steven Tappan

According to the information in the possession of PROCHEM S.A., the largest shareholders (holding significant blocks of Company shares, amounting to more than 5%) currently are:

Steven Tappan – 1,002,450 shares, i.e. 50% of the capital and 49.97% of votes 1),

OFE PZU S.A. “Złota Jesień” – 284,916 shares, i.e. 14.21% of the capital and 14.20% of votes 1).

1) According to notifications received by the Issuer

Share capital of PROCHEM S.A. constitutes 2,005,000 shares, including:

  • 1,816,751 Founding shares Series A,
  • 188,249 Shares Series B.

The nominal value of each share is PLN 1.

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