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Complementation of the Supervisory Board of PROCHEM S.A.

Complementation of the Supervisory Board of PROCHEM S.A.

Date of publication: 24.07.2010

On 24 July 2010 the Extraordinary General Meeting of PROCHEM S.A. passed Resolution No 1, by virtue of which Mr Adam Parzydeł was elected   the VII supervisory board member of VII joint term of office. Adam Parzydeł, lawyer, age 54

Education, qualifications, entitlements:

·               graduate of a law and adiministration faculty   in Warsaw in 1978

·               lawyer in a Planning Board by the Council of Ministers

·               in years 1989 – 1992   manager of the Legal Ddepartment, earlier Chief Expert in matters of legislation in the Planning Board at the Council of Ministers and the Central Office of the Planning,

·               lawyer – member of the District Bar Association in Warsaw (No 1009),

·               member of the District Legal Advisers Association in Warsaw (No 2252),

·               since 1993 has provided legal services leading individual counsel’s office,

·               passed examination for candidates for members of Supervisory Boards in companies of the State Treasury

·               unlimited partner in the Counsel’s Office A. Parzydeł, M. Szum Sp. k.

Running individual counsel’s office.

Participation in Supervisory Boards

–         Agencja Kapitałowo-Rozliczeniowa S.A. (former Huta Warszawa),

–         Adextra S.A. (former Polkolor Piaseczno),

–         P.P.D. “DALMOR” S.A. (the largest Polish enterprise of deep-sea

–         fishings),

–         POL-MOT Szczecin S.A.,

–         POLLENA Łaskarzew

–         P. Robót Górniczych Gliwice S.A.,

–         Polskie Zakłady Optyczne w Warszawie S.A. ,

–         Zakłady Mięsne Kielce S.A.

–         Przedsiębiorstwo Kolejowych Robót Elektryfikacyjnych S.A.,

–         DAEWOO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe S.A.,

–         Energorozwój S.A.,

–         LEFANA Sp. z o.o.

At present Mr Parzydeł isn’t acting as the member of supervisory boards.

Subjects with which lawyer Adam Przydeł cooperated (or is cooperating) 

Transformation of   state enterprises

As part of own works or the cooperation with other companies, Adam Parzydeł participated in converting many state enterprises into companies, in it among others:

–         Warecka Wytwórnia Win w Warce,

–         Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Ogólnego w Bogatyni,

–         Przedsiębiorstwo Projektów „Prochem” w Warszawie,

–         Krakowskie Przedsiębiorstwa Instalacji Sanitarnych,

–         P.P. „Energoprojekt” w Warszawie,

–         and other.

Drawing up legal anlyses of the status

Adam Parzydeł drew up or cooperated about 30 analyses of the legal status of the assets of enterprises transformed into commercial partnerships or companies, among others:

–         Huta “Jedność” w Siemianowicach Śląskich,

–         Polskie Nagrania w Warszawie,

–         Zakład Wyrobów Gumowych w Nowym Dworze Mazowieckim,

–         Wrocławskie Zakłady Chemii Gospodarczej,

–         analysis for the privatization of POLFER S.A. w Warszawie,

–         Zakład Urządzeń Gazowniczych “GAZOMET” w Rawiczu,

–         Polskie Zakłady Optyczne S.A. w Warszawie,

–         Zakłady Graficzne S.A. w Bydgoszczy.

Restructurings and transformations, among others:

–         participation in the financial restructuring in 1994 of PZL “Okęcie”,

–         the restructuring and writing off the debts of P.P. “PEWEX” and forming   the holding structure on the basis of the assests of this enterprise,

–         the consulting and consultation for the Company Prochem at creating by this company the holding structure.

Merging and transforming commercial partnerships or companies

–         among others merging of WFP HEFRA S.A. and company LEFANA Sp. z o.o.,

–         preparing the conception and formal and legal procedures for the fusion of company Bumar Waryński S.A. Grupa Holdingowa and company Waryński Hydraulika Sp. z o.o. and company Waryński Trade Sp. z o.o.,

–         carrying out one from first in Warsaw procedures of transforming the joint-stock company with capital of the 30 million PLN (ALMA jsc) into the limited partnership,

–         issue prospectus of the company PROCHEM joint-stock company.

Service of investment funds, cooperation with:

–         12 NFI Piast S.A. and the company managing this fund,

–         7 NFI “Kazimierz Wielki” S.A.

In the current legal service performed at present

The most essential is:

Participation in the service of the process of the compensation concerning the Shipyard Gdynia SA and the Szczecin Shipyard Nowa Sp. z o.o. carried out from 2009, on the basis of the act from 19 December 2008 about compensating proceedings in subjects of the great importance to the Polish shipbuilding industry.

Appropriately to contents of § 28 item 5 of the regulations of the finance minister from 19 February 2009 in the matter of the current and periodic information handed over by the issuer Mr Adam Parzydeł is declaring that he isn’t conducting competitive activity towards PROCHEM S.A. as the partner of a civil law partnership, of partnership or member of the body of the company, isn’t also participating in other legal person competitive   towards PROCHEM S.A.   as the member of its organ.

Mr Adam Parzydeł isn’t appearing in the register of insolvent debtors led pursuant to the the National Court Register act.