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Press conference at PROCHEM

Press conference at PROCHEM

Date of publication: 02.08.2006

The press conference was organised with regard to the announcement by the company of the information on singing a new contract with the German company MAN Ferrostaal for the design and construction of a fatty acid methyl ester production installation made for LOTOS Biopaliwa in Czechowice.


Bio-fuels have recently become a very well-known subject in Poland and, therefore, journalists have become highly interested in information on the new plant for the production of bio-fuel components. At the conference, PREOCHEM was represented by the President of the Management Board – Marek Garliński and the Sales and Marketing Director – Marek Kiersznicki, while MAN Ferrostaal Polska was represented by Damian Garczorz.

Another contract in the fuel sector is very important for PROCHEM due to the fact that it will be carried out based on world-standard technology widely applied in Europe and the USA, and for the first time to be applied in Poland. MAN assumes full liability for the viability of the project and, as the general contractor, MAN provides, among other things, the licence and technology, and supplies centrifuges and separators (elements of the installation determining the quality of the products), while the duties of PROCHEM include design, other supplies and ‘turn key’ execution. The contract signed by the company is worth PLN 23.4 million. The planned installation output is 100 thousand tons of esters a year. The completion deadline is February 2008.

President Marek Garliński expressed the hope that the successful cooperation with MAN Ferrostaal will result in future cooperation on similar orders carried out jointly in other markets. Director Marek Kiersznicki made a short presentation for the journalists, including basic information on PROCHEM, and the main designs and projects in the fuel sector for the leading companies in Poland and abroad, as well as the current orders executed for customers in other sectors. Just to recap, PROCHEM has already prepared designs for the LOTOS Group. The beginning of the cooperation dates back to the 1970s, while the latest contracts regarding a tanker filling installation (turn key), as well as the design and supply picking-up for the Merox installation producing aircraft fuels.

Mr. Damian Garczorz, the MAN representative, presented the basic information on the applied technology as developed by ADM Oelmuhle Leer Connemann GmbH. The journalists were mainly interested in comparisons of this technology with other technologies applied in ester production and the possibility of further development of the bio-fuels market in Poland. At the end we prepared a short show of spatial modelling for our guests with the use of PDMS software, applied by the company in three-dimensional design, of large industrial installations. PROCHEM belongs to the small group of companies in Poland to use this tool. The show provoked great interest.

From the left side: Sales and Marketing Director- Marek Kiersznicki (PROCHEM S.A.), President of Management Board- Marek Garliński (PROCHEM S.A.) and Damian Garczorz- the representative of MAN Ferrostal Polska.