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Business sectors


We work with leading global companies for which we design and build production plants. We carry out even the most complex projects, including extensions and modernisations of existing facilities. Our offer is addressed to Clients in all areas of industrial production / manufacturing.

In the past few years, we have gained the most experience in providing services the following sectors:

  • automotive
  • electronics
  • pharmaceuticals
  • household chemistry
  • food processing
  • printing houses

Oil and gas

For many years, PROCHEM has been actively involved in projects in the oil and gas industry. Our experience includes modernisations of existing and construction of new petrochemical and refining installations, as well as logistics facilities for gas, crude oil and oil-based products. To Clients from the oil and gas sector, we offer engineering and construction works relate to:

  • storage and distribution terminals for crude oil, oil-based products, LNG and LPG,
  • pipelines for crude oil and hydrocarbons,
  • technological installations for the petrochemical and refining industry,
  • storage steel tanks for crude oil and oil-based products,
  • underground cavern storage tanks for gas or crude oil,
  • treatment of oil contaminated waste-water,
  • gasoline vapour hermetisation and recovery systems, fire protection systems,
  • oil and gas desulphurisation installations.

We also provide consulting services and expert studies in the field of integrated permits for operational and processing activities, as well as adjusting the licence documentation to the existing regulations.

Process plants

Since the beginning of its operation, PROCHEM has specialised in services for the chemical industry.

Extensive expertise and experience of our staff translate to practical results and guarantee high quality of project implementation.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive assistance throughout the investment process. We ensure support in choosing the process license and purchasing the basic design. Our specialists may also participate in developing Client’s own technologies. We prepare detail engineering all disciplines, and based on it we execute turnkey construction, including procurement of equipment. We support our Clients in conducting start-ups and achieving full production capacity.

PROCHEM has numerous references as regards the engineering and design and implementation of process installations in Poland and abroad.

In the last few years, we have gained the most experience in serving clients from sectors such as:

chemical industry

petrochemical industry



Power industry

For many years, PROCHEM has been involved in complex power projects in collaboration with industry leaders. Our experience includes engineering works as part of investments within the commercial power industry as well as industrial heat and power plants.

Our references include projects concerning CO2 management (CCP – Carbon Capture Plant) as well as energy from renewable sources, including sludge and municipal solid waste combustion systems.

PROCHEM also serves as a technical adviser to banks as regards the wind farms investment process which they finance.

Building construction

We design and execute buildings for office, educational, retail, warehousing and other purposes. We offer turnkey construction or separate services for the investment process, such as: engineering, general contracting, investor supervision, project management or construction management, etc. We perform adaptations, extensions and modernisations of existing buildings, including:

  • office buildings,
  • shopping centres,
  • warehouses,
  • university buildings,
  • public building.

Environment protection

For many years, one of the priorities of PROCHEM’s operations has been to protect the natural environment.

Our goal is to apply modern, efficient and environmentally safe technologies when implementing industrial projects.

We also offer services to mitigate the impact on the environment of existing industrial facilities and planned new plants.

We offer our engineering support for the following projects:

  • municipal and industrial waste-water treatment plants,
  • desulphurisation systems for flue gas, oil and natural gas,
  • biogas desulphurisation systems at waste-water treatment plants,
  • municipal and industrial waste treatment facilities,
  • sewage sludge treatment systems.

We also provide consulting services regarding contracts financed with EU support funds, as well as services of a FIDIC Contract Engineer.