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20 years of PROCHEM on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

20 years of PROCHEM on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Date of publication: 22.07.2014

On June 30, 1994 at the Stock Exchange in Warsaw for the first time the public quotation of the securities of PROCHEM was held.



Debut and the place among 25 companies listed in the stock exchange those were the exceptional moments and the success in the Company’s life. The event caused that the company ranks among the group of the most important companies in the market. Until now relatively little recognized brand now is among the largest firms, well-known and those that are giving a guarantee of financial stability.

The shareholders of PROCHEM S.A. have changed during 20 years, also the share capital has been subject to changes, and the value of securities one time increased and another time decreased. During the bull market in 2007 – in May the graphs of shares value have grown up to PLN 106. In 1998 PROCHEM was awarded with “Brown Bull” – a distinction awarded for one of the highest rates of return on the primary market.

Despite fluctuations and changes in statistics of our quotations, the position and opinion about PROCHEM as the credible and reliable company remained unchanged. And 20 years in the trading game allowed for the consistent building of a stable position of PROCHEM in the engineering market.