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Meeting on the 60th Jubilee of the Company

Meeting on the 60th Jubilee of the Company

Date of publication: 14.02.2007

On 14th February 2007 in the Lubomirski Family Palace in Warsaw – the seat of the Business Centre Club, the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of PROCHEM S.A. were held. The choice of the place was not a coincidence – 16 years ago our company became the founding member of the BCC and now it is a laureate of the Polish Business Leaders 2005 competition. Moreover, the club decor and atmosphere of the Palace were ideal for the mood of the celebrations.


The meeting was opened by President Marek Garliński, who reminded everybody of the most important stages in the development of the company, the latest achievements and the successes in Poland and abroad. He mentioned his predecessors, who successfully managed the company, and in particular President Stanisław Srokowski – the manager of the company for over 20 years, the longest in the history of the company – who honoured the meeting with his presence. The President also presented the directions of operation and the plans of the company for the future, ensuring that the company is in good standing and ready for new challenges. The background for the President’s speech was the corporate film presenting the history and the achievements of the company over the last few years. Then the guests “stepped into the breach”. On behalf of the BCC the speeches were given by President Marek Goliszewski, later the President of the Construction Design Chamber, Ksawery Krassowski; President of the Polish Chamber of Building Engineers, prof. Zbigniew Grabowski, Deputy Chief Inspector of Building Supervision, Andrzej Urban; President of the Polish Construction Employers’ Association, Marek Michałowski; and on behalf of our customers the representative of ANWIL S.A., Stanisław Duraj. In the second part of the meeting, the President invited the attendants to a recital by a star – one of the most well-known singing actresses, Katarzyna Groniec. Accompanied by a music ensemble, Katarzyna singed her own compositions and the songs of Jacques Brel, Marian Hemar, Bertold Brecht and other authors.

After the “spiritual meal”, we invited the guests to lunch, during which they could talk and exchange impressions from the official and artistic part. The event passed with a very pleasant atmosphere

and alongside the wishes and congratulations received personally by the President at the meeting, the company has also received many letters of congratulation.