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Concluding of the meaning agreement by PROCHEM S.A.

Concluding of the meaning agreement by PROCHEM S.A.

Date of publication: 04.06.2013

On 3 June 2013, PROCHEM SA signed an agreement with associated company IRIDION Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw to perform the function of General Contractor (GRI) for investment project under the name: “The construction of stage I of the office building located in Warsaw at Łopuszańska Street as part of a development project under the name “Astrum Business Park w Warszawie”.

Deadline for completion of the contract – 31 May 2015

Formula of remuneration for Management Contracting includes margin and the costs of implementation of the subject of this contract, so remuneration of PROCHEM S.A. it will be possible to determine after final settlement of the costs incurred.

The initial, provisional value of the investment budget Parties shall determine as the amount of PLN 105 million.

Contractual penalties and claims for damages are limited as to maximum amount up to the 25% of margin of GRI.

The agreement is considered significant because its value exceeds 10% of the equity of the issuer.