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Receiving of signed contract

Receiving of signed contract

Date of publication:16.09.2019

In reference to current report No. 11/2019 of July 3, 2019, the Management Board of PROCHEM S.A. seated in Warsaw (hereinafter „Issuer” or „Company”) informs that on September 16, 2019, the Issuer as Contractor received signed contract from HYUNDAI Engineering CO., LTD. seated in Seul, Republic of Korea being Ordering Party, which is covering services related to the completion of a part of building permit design for the investment of Polimery Police, being accomplished by HYUNDAI Engineering CO. LTD for PDH Polska S.A.

The lump-sum remuneration of the Issuer agreed by the Parties is EUR 1,750,000.00 net.

Term of execution of the contract depends on that, when the design data drawn up by HYUNDAI Engineering CO. LTD is submitted.

The Management Board of the Issuer’s company decided that the above information meets the criteria for confidential information specified in Art. 7 paragraph 1, 2 and 4 of MAR.