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PROCHEM SA- The Leader of Business in Poland

PROCHEM SA- The Leader of Business in Poland

Date of publication: 13.02.2006

PROCHEM SA has been awarded the 2005 Leader of Business in Poland Golden Statuette in category for large enterprises. This award is presented by the Business Centre Club to excelling companies and their leaders.



The awarding jury took into consideration economic indicators, the quality and innovation of the products, investment projects, notably those intended for exports and creating new jobs, as well as commitment to charity and care for the natural environment. PROCHEM SA and Marek Garliński, its President of the Management Board, received the nomination for “dynamic development, efficient management, achievement and maintenance of high market ranking as well as exceptional care for the service quality while applying cutting-edge working methods”.

Since the beginning of our business, and we have been present in the market for almost 60 years, we have focused on the quality of services we provide, the application of cutting-edge technologies and the proper selection and development of our experts. We are the first engineering company in Poland to be awarded the ISO 9001:2001 certificate. We also hold the AQAP 2110 certificate, proving our compliance with NATO standards on quality assurance. When implementing projects, we also strive to develop optimum solutions for our clients. An objective measure of our commitment is the list of credentials from Polish and foreign enterprises operating in key sectors of the economy. PROCHEM SA’s success is the result of cooperation and joint effort of the entire team of employees, in particular highly skilled engineering staff
– says Marek Garliński, PROCHEM SA’s President of the Management Board.

The 2005 Leader of Business in Poland Golden Statuette is the first award this year, but another on the long list of PROCHEM SA’s achievements. In 2004 alone, the company received several important awards and distinctions, including the main award from the Minister of Infrastructure in the competition “Engineering Project of 2004” and the Golden Eagle statuette in the competition “2004 Company of the Year in Mazowsze”. The company also came first in the WBJ’s ranking based on revenue from design activities.