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New address of PROCHEM S.A.

New address of PROCHEM S.A.

Date of publication: 16.05.2016

From 30 May 2016 PROCHEM S.A. conducts its activities in the new premises. The new office of the Company is located in the office complex Astrum Business Park at Łopuszańska Street 95 in Warsaw.

PROCHEM S.A. is general contractor, as well as one of developers of this object newly built. Astrum Business Park is the first investment of the Company, which was designed and implemented in accordance with the idea of an integrated investment process based on the concept of BIM (Building Information Modeling).



The new headquarters of PROCHEM SA has over 4000 m2 of modern office space. At the disposal of employees will be made available spacious offices along with a number of useful and advanced office solutions, and very convenient conference and multimedia rooms, technical spaces – all located on two floors Astrum Business Park. The new location will also provide 60 parking spaces.
The appearance of the new headquarters of the Company was designed in a modern way, taking into account the latest trends in interior office space. The new headquarters owing to optimal arrangement of surface creates the perfect conditions for effective work. It encourages creative and committed approach to new business challenges, while ensuring a high comfort for employees. The new office space also creates great opportunities for further dynamic development of the Company.

Astrum Business Park is a modern A class office complex located in one of the larger and more respected business areas of Warsaw. It comprises 6-storey building situated along the street Łopuszańska, as well as it has the three lower segments of 4-storey buildings, offering tenants a total area for offices and services of more than 30 000 m2. The advantage of the complex is among others its location at a convenient communication point of Warsaw – at the intersection of Al. Jerozolimskie and Łopuszańska Street. A very important advantage of the complex is the proximity of the station of WKD the Warsaw Commuter Rail (approx. 250 metres), and Railway Station Zachodni (approx. 4 km), as well as Warsaw Chopin Airport (approx. 4 km) and the roads junction where is beginning of by-passes of Warsaw and of a new exit route towards Poznan, Gdansk, Krakow and Katowice. Such location provides easy access to any area of the city and easy leaving of the capital.

The advantages of Astrum Business Park are also green spaces of the plot, the optimum shape of the building, and arrangement of the space usable, a combination of business functions with the service functions, a proper acoustics, and the innovative solution. At the disposal of employees and guests is spacious restaurant, a café, a press room, also other service premises, as well as a cash machine. In the main halls there are the zones for the waiting or persons running conversation. Getting around entire facility will be facilitated by numerous entrances and an extensive system of high-speed elevators. Ergonomic lighting and modern air conditioning will complement the positive atmosphere of the interior. In the ground floor is localized sequence of commercial premises and service centers. On the floors of the building , are situated the only areas that meet office functions. The underground part constitutes one and two-storey garage with two entrances from the Jutrzenki Street and from the Łopuszańska Street.

For the convenience of employees and guests of Astrum Business Park are provided the “green” spaces. Greenery includes lawns, trees and ornamental shrubs located in the vicinity of the building and in the belts at the fence. “Green” patios between the wings of the complex constitute especially interesting and decorative elements. The gravel paths and benches surrounded by greenery serve to rest during breaks from work.

During the design and implementation of the complex Astrum Business Park was paid special attention to modern solutions, including for environmental concerns.

Astrum Business Park has an international environmental certificate BREEAM Interim VERY GOOD. The achieved certificate is the result of the first stage BREEAM assessment which concerns the designing phase. Continuation of the process will obtaining BREEAM certificate at the level of “very good” at the stage targeted, i.e. after completion of the investment. Building which has environmental certificate means prestige not only on the national arena, but also international. And for tenants, BREEAM certificate stands for tangible financial benefits – significantly lower maintenance fees than those in non-certified buildings.