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BIM4EEB – latest news about international project

BIM4EEB – latest news about international project

Date of publication: 22.03.2021

At the end of 2020, PROCHEM made its first technical visit to the Polish pilot facility of the BIM4EEB project. A property located in Chorzów was selected as a demonstration point of reference for renovation activities in the program supporting BIM functionality in the building renovation process.



During the meeting in Chorzów, a number of activities were carried out aimed at preparing the installation process for devices operating in the Samsung SmartThings system, which was selected for the Polish pilot facility.

PROCHEM’s activities during the visit to the building in Chorzów focused on inspecting the common rooms of the residential building, including the entrance part, the main staircase, as well as technical rooms located in the basement and attic.
The visit confirmed the technical possibility of installing the central elements of the system within technical shafts located in the common spaces of the buildings. The device connectivity and Internet connection tests were positive.

The final effect of the BIM4EEB project will be to improve the quality and comfort of life of residents of the modernized facilities and ensure a reduction in building maintenance costs. The project is expected to end in June 2022.